Longpouce ‘short’ 10 cm // bite


This is a longpouce, in the Netherlands you have the tompoes. A well-loved Dutch cake with a lot of cream in the middle, biscuit on the bottom, and layered with a thick pink glaze on top, just how a lot of people love it!

This longpouce is handmade from ceramics and hand-painted. It’s the original tompoes but then longer : ) The intention of the longpouce is to just make you smile.

On the back of the cake, there is a hole to hang the longpouce at the wall, if you want to. The Longpouce comes in a variety of different lengths, to suit your love of this delicious cake.  From 10 cm to 130 cm.

If you can not find it in the webshop, please send me an email. I can make it for you. A very special corner longpouce is also available, that can be customised for a special place in your home, like the kitchen wall.


Op voorraad


  • height: 5,5 cm
  • width: 6 cm
  • length 10 cm
  • Like the one from the bakery. The normal size tompouce.